A selection of images from the Golf Course and surrounding scenery.




Course Layout

Being a moorland course, it is undulating but the Clubhouse is 77m above sea level and the 5th Green is the highest point on the course at 110m and, climbing 19m from its tee - an average gradient of 1 in 12, it is the steepest of them all, but there is plenty of opportunity to rest and take in the magnificent scenery as you play your way around the course




A good tee shot with a long Iron or short wood and short iron on to the green sloping back towards the tee will provide a birdie opportunity. Big hitters might consider driving the green and going for an eagle, but bunkers short of the green and to the right and left are very much in play. Look back for the first of many superb views of the Clyde estuary.


2nd FRUIN 423yds


Although the second longest par 4, club choice is critical to avoid finishing partly up a hill just over 200yards away. Doing so will leave a level stance for another long Iron or fairway wood for the blind second. Finding the green in two shots is good play here.




Club selection could be anything from a No 7 iron to a 3 wood depending on the wind. A tempting green protected by a front bunker and trees surrounding the pond and the out of bounds left side. The green slopes from back to front and helps stop the ball. More great views across Ardmore Point


4th BEN BOUIE 365yds


A good drive down two slopes, stopping before the ditch, will leave a short-Iron approach to the slightly elevated green, taking care to prevent the ball running through. A reasonable birdie chance. As you walk towards the green, take in the panoramic view to your right.


5th BUNKER HILL 255yds


The green at the top of the hill is drivable by the 'big hitters' and has been ‘aced’, but a little course management is advisable. Bunkers front left and right may catch the ball. It is wiser to lay up or be pin high right leaving a simple pitch and, hopefully, a single putt.


6th LOCH LOMOND 394yds


The classic way to play the hole is not to cut the corner, risking the 'out of bounds' on the left. Instead, shape the shot for the hole and draw the ball round the corner to leave a manageable approach landing directly on the green to avoid unpredictable bounces and run off. Views across to your left take in LochLomond and part of the  Trossachs.


7th SEAWARD 404yds


A good drive with the object of finishing on the left of the fairway on the upslope leaves a reasonable chance of reaching the green in  regulation.


8th SUNDOWNER 362yds


Try and reach the top of the hill with your drive and run on, leaving less than 150yds to the green. A birdie 3 is always possible.


9th OLD LUSS ROAD 126yds


A short iron across the [out of bounds] Old Luss Road will suffice to reach the sloping green. Aim to finish below the hole for an attacking birdie putt.


10th CLYDE VIEW 440yds


Favour the right with your drive and the contours Will bring your ball back to the middle of the fairway at the bottom of the hill for a mid-iron second shot. A real par 4 this one.


11th CLYDE ARRAN     201 yds.


Fantastic scenery from the tee looking out over the Clyde towards Arran. A green sloping front to back can result in a well-hit drive running through. Aiming for the right of the green will allow the contours to assist you. Don't expect a birdie!


12th THE DELL 333yds


A blind green hidden in a tree-lined dell. Select a club which will leave you short of the gap and ideally to the right of it. From there it is just a little pitch, but check the pin position before choosing your club. There is approximately a two-club difference between the front and back of the green.


13th LANG STRACHT 503yds  


A better eagle chance than the 1st. A long enough drive will leave you short of the ditch and around 180 yds to the left-to-right sloping green.


14th BAILLlE'S BRIG 396yds


A long drive over the dip will leave you over the brow of the hill but beware of the bunkers at either side of the fairway. A second shot played down the right hand side will reach the green, which slopes right to left and back to front and is difficult to read. Fly the green to avoid unpredictable bounces.


15th CHURCHILL369yds


Favour the left with the drive and the slope will bring the ball back to the middle of the fairway. An errant drive to the right can leave you out of bounds and in housing. The steep dip with a ditch across the bottom insists that the second is flown all the way to the green, but before selecting your club note whether the pin is on the upper or lower tier.


16th THE QUARRY 146yds


The small quarry immediately in front of the tee can seem more formidable than in reality as it is only a 70 yd carry. A small patch of unseen fairway just beyond the first bunker makes this hole one club longer than it looks. The green is the flattest on the course, making it the best birdie chance of the par 3s.


17th DUE WEST 373yds


A straightforward drive, ideally to the left of the fairway, and a mid to short iron will set  up a birdie putt.


18th ROLLING HOME 400yds

A great finishing hole. The wide fairway invites you to open your shoulders, so go for it. The further up the fairway you are  the easier it is to flight the second on to the green, a stage in front of the clubhouse. The putting surface is relatively flat inviting a closing birdie.




Time to relax and reflect on your round, refreshed by an excellent selection of food and drink.